Project Overview

Wireless Data Acquisition (wDAQ) system to capture/transmit high-frequency analog signals to a device in real time using Wi-Fi technology​

  • The DAQ will amplify a 1 mV analog input signal to approximately 1-2 V before digitizing it​.
    • ADC will have a 12-bit resolution​

  • Wi-Fi will be used to wirelessly transmit signals to a computer​
    • Bluetooth can be used for signal transmission, but has a significantly lower data transfer rate than Wi-Fi​

  • The DAQ will be fabricated on a small PCB with surface-mount components

  • A graphical user interface (GUI), written in LabVIEW, will be used to analyze data

Team Members


Software Engineer lisa

"I am a senior in Software Engineering with a passion for agriculture that stems from my family's farm in Northern Illinois. I am continuing my education, pursuing my master's in Agricultural Engineering. I aim to work on developing innovative technology solutions alleviating the mental and physical strain on workers in labor intense industries. Throughout my college journey, I have been able to gain diverse experiences working with mobile/web development, embedded systems, cybersecurity, databases, and more!"


Electrical Engineer adam

"Hello, my name is Adam Shoberg. I am a passion driven Electrical Engineering Student with a particular interest in analog circuitry and telecommunications. At Iowa State I have endeavored upon a specialization in VLSI, but first and foremost I am a problem solver and dreamer. Outside of my academic and professional career I spend my time free skiing, skating, and working with vintage analog and digital camcorders."


Computer Engineer vaughn

"My name is Vaughn Miller, and I'm a Computer Engineering major at ISU with an interest in embedded systems and automotive electronics. I grew up in Iowa, and have always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together (on occasion). I enjoy playing music with my band, skateboarding, working with Cyclone Racing, and enjoying time with my friends. My dream job is to be an engineer for a rally car development team, and to drive my own race car someday."


Electrical Engineer henry

"I am a senior in Electrical Engineering at ISU with an emphasis on VLSI. My coursework has ranged from circuit analysis & testing to signals and communication systems, power & energy systems, electromagnetics, digital logic, and embedded systems. I was born and raised in Michigan before I moved to Prairie Village, Kansas in 3rd grade. I played baseball for a few years and participated in track and field during high school. In my free time, I enjoy snowboarding and other outdoor activities."

Weekly Reports

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Design Documents

Design Doc 1
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Final Design Doc

Lightning Talks

Problem and Users
User Needs and Requirements
Project Plan
Design (Part 1)
Design (Part 2)
Contextualization & Design Check-In
Ethics and Professional Responsibility